Why do I need a custom tablecloth?

A custom-made tablecloth is tailor-made according to your preferences to ideally fit and cover your table and make it look more presentable, attractive, and aligned with the interior of your dining area. It will also save the table from frequent dining accidents leading to spills and stains.

What size table cover do I need?

The size of the table cover depends on the shape and the size of your table. You need to take accurate measurements of the table and find a tablecloth accordingly. You can also share the measurement with us to get a custom-made tablecloth that fits your table perfectly.

How to know the required size of a tablecloth?

There are some custom tablecloth sizes for a table, like, 84” * 108” for a 4-foot table having 24” W * 48” L * 30” H, 90” * 132” for a 6-foot table having 30” W * 72” L * 30” H, and 90” * 156” for an 8-foot table having 30” W * 96” L * 30” H. You can also use the formula, A*B, where A= Height+length+Height and B= Height+Width+Height, to determine the size of the tablecloth.

How to determine the tablecloth size for a round table?

You can easily determine the size of the tablecloth appropriate for the round table by using the formula – Diameter+Height+Height. However, some popular custom sizes for a round table tablecloth are 90”, 96”, 108”, 84”, 114”, 120”, 132”, and 144”.

What are table protectors?

A table protector is a layer of padding spread over the table to protect it from getting prematurely damaged due to stains, scratches, dents, and heat. It is always cut from the roll to be customized according to the size of the table.

How do you use a table protector?

A table protector is always placed on the table so the embossed side faces upwards. It is layered under the tablecloth. It is also suggestible to use an insulating mat or trivet before placing hot vessels on the table to protect it from getting damaged.

Can I wash my table protector and tablecloth?

Yes, you can easily wash your tablecloth by following the washing instructions. Mix some soap in warm water and use a cloth to wipe the table protector with this solution. After cleaning, wipe the table protector with a wet cloth to remove the soapy residue from its surface.